Born in Cruz Alta, RS, in July 1st, 1945. Biologist with Post-graduate studies in Human Ecology. Head professor of Medical Genetics and Human Ecology at the University of Caxias do Sul. He was Assistant Director of Research and Community Courses and Head of the Department of Biological Sciences at the same University. For twelve years he taught Environmental Sciences for Engineering courses at the University of the Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos) in Sao Leopoldo. He’s co-authored the book Environmental Sciences - Ecology, published by Unisinos Press in 1978.

His main photography project consists of collecting images that register elements of the Germanic culture brought by German immigrants that established in southern Brazil over a hundred and seventy years ago. In this task, coherently with his ecologist formation, he tries to identify the coexistence of the culture of the German descendants with their new Brazilian environment.

As a photographer, he received from the Cultural Foundation Chateau Lacave the
Main Photography Award in 1986 during the light and sound show Medieval Heroes. He won the four first prizes in the contest Images of Nova Petropolis in 1984, and was a prize-winner at the First Photosul - Presence of the Immigrant in the Southern Region promoted by Funarte in 1983. Created and coordinated the national contests of photography First Ecological "CLIC" of the Gaucho Environment in 1984 and First Ecological "CLIC" of the Brazilian Environment in 1992, both promoted by the University of Caxias do Sul. He has shown his work in several individual and group exhibitions in many places of the country, among which are Nova Petropolis in Farben, in 1985, Caxias do Sul - Visions 86, and First Fotosul in 1983. Author of the photograph works of event calendars of Nova Petropolis, Romance of Man with the Earth in 1986 and Man in His Community in 1987. He was the head of the judging commission of the 1987 photography contest Building a New Country promoted by the Nova Petropolis City Hall. Prize-winner of the contest Picture Summer ‘88 - Santa Catarina in 1988, promoted by the Diario Catarinense newspaper, RBS-Jornal. In 1988 he won the three first prizes of the national contest of photography Irrigation is Life promoted by the Irrigation Ministry and by pipe industry Tubos e Conexoes Tigre.

Since 1985, together with his children
Daniel and Sabine, he produces Old-fashioned Way Pictures in the Aldeia do Imigrante (Immigrants Village) Park in Nova Petropolis, which is considered by the Brazilian official tourism institution one of the highest interest points of the "Serra Gaucha."

On July 1st, 1990 he was titled
Citizen of Nova Petropolis by means of an act signed by mayor Augusto Schranck Junior for his many services in Art and Photography.


Main Photography Award - Medieval Heroes