"Traveling with the pictures of Germano Schüür isn’t exactly the same as looking at all the faces, houses and landscapes of this inviting Nova Petropolis. It is doing it in the company of the special emotion of a photographer who loves the things and the people that he registers in his pictures. Germano Schüür transmits in his well-done images the respect for the culture of the people that only one who plunges in it is able to do, with the complicity of one who loves it and with the sensitivity of one who can feel".

Jose Clemente Pozenato, author of O Quatrilho.

The material contingency of photography, the trivial or the unfitness of the detail, the document register are overcome by the subjectivity of the photographer. Germano Schüür doesn’t just see through the machine, he observes far beyond it. The realist reproduction doesn’t interest him. That what matters is the utmost mastery of the machine in order to sense, to describe and to interpret, and to show in his old-fashioned way pictures , the roots and traces of a culture and of a people".

Jayme Paviani, art critic and essay writer.