Jayme Paviani was born in Flores da Cunha, RS, in 1940. He has graduated in Philosophy and in Social and Juridical Sciences from UCS. He got his Masters Degree with the dissertation Foundations of Semantics, in 1975, and his Ph.D. in 1987 with the thesis The Sensible Reason, Rationality as an Aesthetic Category, from PUCRS.

He is a professor at IFCH of PUCRS, in the Education Post-Graduate Program at UFSCar by an agreement with UCS. He teaches Aesthetics, Language Philosophy and Epistemology. Since 1994 he develops the research works Dialectics and Language in Plato and A Practical Epistemology Draft.

He has taken many offices at the university administration: Head of the Department, Course Coordinator, Assistant Director of Research and Post-Graduate Studies, President of the College Education, and Vice-President of the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS), till 1988. He also coordinated the Post-Graduate Program in Philosophy at PUCRS from 1990 to 1993. He is ht director of the publishing board of UCS’s magazine Chronos of UCS and member of the publishing board of PUCRS.

He has published articles and essays, and his main books are Universidade em Debate (Debating University), co-authored, 1987; Problemas de Filosofia da Educacao (Problems of Philosophy of Education), 1991; Estetica e Filosofia da Arte (Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art),1973; Fundamentos de Semantica (Fundamentals of Semantics), 1976; Arte da Era da Industria Cultural (Art in the Era of Culture Industry), 1987; Racionalidade Estetica (Aesthetic Rationality), 1992; Interdisciplinaridade, Disfuncoes Conceituais e Enganos Academicos (Interdisciplinarity, Conceptual Dysfunction and Academic Mistakes), co-authored, 1993; Estetica Minima, Notas Sobre Arte e Literatura (Minimal Aesthetics, Notes on Art and Literature), 1996. He has also published five books of poems (Matricula, Onze Horas Umidas, Aguas de Colonia, O Exilio dos Dias, Agora e na Hora das Origens) which were gathered in Poems 1967-1987. He has a weekly column at Jornal Pioneiro of RBS-RS.