Immigrants Village Park

Nova Petropolis, with its Elizabethan-like houses, gardens, squares and flowering parks, it’s only comparable to distant villages and small towns we’ve seen in our dreams.

The fine hotels and restaurants, the delicious colonial afternoon meals, the crafts and the multicolored sweaters would be reasons enough for a visit to this warm and cozy town.

But there’s also the
Immigrants Village Park, a real reservation of 10 hectares of native woods in the center of the city, designed with buildings reconstructed by the renamed architect Beto Schuch.

Between lakes, centennial trees, birds and butterflies, the sound of bands and folk dance groups performing at the park, next to a
Biergarten in open air, which serves delicious snacks, and good iced draft beer. In the rustic houses we find many different products of the region.

Past the lake, inhabited by birds, ducks and geese, we find an authentic historical Bavarian village - the Immigrants Village - that recreates the environment of the period 1875 to 1900. Blacksmith, canteen, community school, colonial house, shop with ballroom, union and a Photographic Studio (where Germano Schüür takes his old-fashioned way pictures) are part of the most authentic Bavarian architecture sample of the South America.

In the Immigrants Village Park you can enjoy the main festival of the town: the Summer Festival (Saturdays and Sundays in January and February), the Festimalhas (Festival of Knits, in March), the Folklore Festival (Saturdays and Sundays in July) and Spring Festival (Saturdays and Sundays in September).

If you’d like some more information on festivals, attractions and activities of the Park and of the city, please call (054) 281 1254.