Jose Clemente Pozenato was born in Sao Francisco de Paula, Rio Grande do Sul, in 1938. Went to high school in Caxias do Sul. He’s graduated in Philosophy, with Post-graduate studies in Brazilian Literature and Masters Degree in Education.

He is a literature professor at the University of Caxias do Sul, where he is today Assistant Director of Planing and Institutional Development. His first book published was Matricula, poetry, in 1967. He also published other poetry books: Varia Figura (1971), Carta de Viagem (1982), Meridiano (1983) and Canti Rusteghi (1993).

Among other essays, he wrote O Regional e o Universal na Literatura Gaucha (The regional and the Universal in the Gaucha Literature), 1974, which won a prize from the State Book Institute of the Rio Grande do Sul. In fiction, he published: the investigation novelette O Caso do Martelo (The Case of the Hammer), 1985, which was adapted to the television; O Quatrilho, 1985, novel adapted to the movies, in a film directed by Fabio Barreto, which was nominee for best foreign movie of the 1996 Academy Award; O Caso do Loteamento Clandestino (The Case of the Illegal Real Estate), 1989, an investigation novelette in urban social environment, and O Jacare da Lagoa (The Alligator in the Lagoon), 1990, for children. He was member of the State Culture Council of RS.