The Novel that Inspired the Oscar Nominee Film

Leaving their country in serach of better days, many Italian immigrants went to America in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Without any hope in the peninsula or believing in the promise of a golden future, they faced the dangers of a long journey in the ocean, that many wouldn’t even finish, disapearing forever in the bottom of the ocean.

A considerable part of these poor adventurers arrived at southern of Brazil where, along with their children and grandchildren, struggling against adverse weather and environment, they built, with the defects and qualities of every social misfits, a new and relatively equal society, based on the small rural property, and later on, on commerce and industry. This saga was for the first time pictured by a Brazilian fictionist, and finds in Jose Clemente Pozenato its great essayist, as he reveals himself as one of masters of today’s Brazilian narrative texts.

With the talent of Fabio Barreto, a young director of the new moment of the Brazilianfilm industry, Pozenato’s romance was transformed into a movie With renown actresses like Gloria Pires and Patricia Pillar, and convincing actors like Bruno Campos and Alexandre Paternost, O Quatrilho was one of the five nominees for the 1996 Academy Award of Best Movie in Foreign Language.

Together with the crew of O Quatrilho, author Jose Clemente Pozenato and photographer Germano Schüür were in Los Angeles in March, 1996, to take a closer look at the cerimony of the great movie festival as shown in the picture taken in Beverly Hills. In the picture, from left to right: photographer Germano Schüür, actresses Gloria Pires and Patricia Pillar, and author Jose Clemente Pozenato.